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An apple a day... just won't cut it.

Increasing food security isn’t just about having access to enough food — it’s about having information about and access to the foods that give us the best chance of staying healthy as we age.

Learn more about AARP Foundation’s programs and services designed to give older adults who are struggling with food insecurity a better chance at maintaining a good, nutritious, affordable diet.

1. Healthy Savings provides older adults access to savings for foods that meet the “healthy” standard of the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Think milk, whole-grain bread, lean meats, eggs, yogurt and more.

2. ESAP , the Elderly Simplified Application Project, makes it easier for seniors to enroll in and receive the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits they’ve earned. One major benefit: ESAP participants are enrolled for a full three years instead of just one.

3. MyPlate for Older Adults provides clear, important information about the specific nutritional needs of older adults. For instance, seniors need to focus on drinking more liquids because the natural thirst mechanism decreases as we age.

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